Brotox: Men and Botox

September 8, 2020

Botox is a non surgical procedure that brings strong results. The substance is injected into the face and visibly reduces wrinkles. Botox is often referred to as a lunch time spa treatment because of how quickly it takes with no downtime. Although Botox is mainly used to reduce facial expression wrinkles, it can also be used to treat migraines and TMJ. While botox has been a popular treatment for decades, there is a rise amongst men and young people opting for the highly safe injectable.

Why Are Men Choosing “Brotox”?

Non-invasive procedures to reduce the effects of aging have been around for decades, but they still have a reputation of being more popular with women than with men. The truth is that men also see the advantage of simple treatment options such as Botox to improve the quality of their skin and to maintain a youthful look. The stigma around men and aesthetics has been slowly disappearing over the past few years, and aesthetics has become far more accessible to men who want to maintain their youthful looks or turn back the clock. With highly individualized treatment options now available, men can get the look they want and keep it on the down low.

Is Botox The Same For Men And Women?

Yes and no. Although the drug is the same, the treatment areas and amount required can look different. Some men are more concerned about their deepening forehead lines where as women may focus on their 11’s. Treatment areas and amount are highly individualized and your injector will work with you to determine the best placement. Most men value a nautral look in which no one can tell they’ve had Botox done.

What Can Men Expect From Their First Botox Treatment?

The initial stage of the Botox process involves a detailed consultation. During the consultation, our Nurse Injector will discuss the areas of treatment with the patient. It depends on the patient’s individual needs and lifestyle, which is why a detailed consultation is important.
Looking to enhance facial features or engage in preventative skin care are just two reasons our clients love the results of injectables. Our highly trained experienced nurses at ActivMD Derm Spa™ excel with all types of injectables. Botox is not painful and only takes a few minutes, making it a great treatment for the busy man.

How Long Does It Last?

On average, Botox will last between three to six months. This is dependent on the amount injected and how quickly your body metabolizes the substance. Once the Botox has worn down you are able to get re-injected at your ease. It is also worth mentioning that Botox does not immediately kick in after the injection. Most patients see the full results of Botox after one week. Once your Botox is fully absorbed you will see and feel a difference in muscle mobility.

Book Your ‘Brotox’ Treatment Today!

The rise of “Brotox” is giving men confidence in how they present themselves to the world.

It is recommended to call the clinic ahead of time to find their current pricing or to book a free consultation.

When deciding where to get your Botox in Edmonton done, we always recommend doing your research.

Botox should only be done by skilled and certified professionals who have vast experience in the industry. Please call our concierge team to book a consultation to find out if Botox is right for you.