The trend of Prejuvenation

June 3, 2021


Prejuvenation is the trend of the 20-35 age demographic who are getting a head start on skin care, maintenance, and anti-aging well before it becomes rejuvenation (repairing or replenishing the skin after damage and aging has become visible). Simply put, you are investing in your future self. Aging starts very young. In fact, by your early 20’s your production of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen is decreasing. This might not seem very important while in your 20’s, but it will definitely be important to you in your 40’s when you start to notice the changes in your skin that come with age. Good skin care products used in conjunction with a treatment plan can help in the preservation of youthful looking and healthy skin. Wrinkles come about with smiling and frowning. The prudent use of neuromodulators can relax muscles and contribute to decreasing deep lines that come with constant use of these muscles over time. Lighter, non-ablative laser treatments can be used to promote skin rejuvenation and keep your skin glowing, radiant, and healthy by stimulating collagen and reducing brown and red spots. Overall, prejuvenation can go a long way to reduce the need in middle age and older for more invasive and costly treatments to try to restore your skin to a more youthful appearance.

Although we cannot stop or prevent aging, we can be proactive in our younger years to protect and keep our skin in the best condition possible. A regular treatment plan now will help to mitigate the need for more correction and deeper treatments in the future when signs of aging become much more visible.

We can help you be your best you by creating a treatment plan tailored to your exact needs.

Best ActivMD Treatments for Prejuvination:

Skin Boosters/PRP

Signature Facial

Nano Peel


Halo Light

Laser Genesis




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