Power Tech Facials

ActivMD Derm Spa™ offers a serene skin care experience.

On your way to glowing skin after just one visit.

Our highly specialized, results-driven, facial treatments are designed to deliver optimum skin wellness. We believe that consistent skin treatments are an essential component of a good skin care routine, as they help to improve skin functions such as circulation, oxygenation and revitalization. Our facials are unique in that every one offers the powerful combination of efficacious laser technologies with nurturing and self care. After just one visit to ActivMD Derm Spa™, you’ll be well on your way to glowing skin. Regular visits over time will achieve radiant, healthy skin. Book one of our facial treatments today.

  1. Signature Facial: $395.00
  2. Purifying Facial: $180.00
  3. Rosacea Facial: $310.00
  4. Hyperpigmentation / Melasma Facial: $310.00
  1. Customized Facial: $150.00
  2. Chemical Peels: $85.00
  3. Jessner Peels: $200.00