Facials Edmonton

On Your Way to Glowing Skin after Just One Visit

ActivMD Derm Spa’s facials are well known in Edmonton to be a cut above in providing significant skin improvements. You can expect natural and effective results that specially designed to cater to your unique skin. Our professional team aims to provide our clients highly specialized treatments designed to deliver optimum skin wellness.

Unfortunately, most spa facials are not personalized plans that cater to skin sensitivities. We see everyone’s skin as unique and treat it as such. ActivMD Derm Spa offers Medi-facials that take special care in treating your skin to give you real and lasting results that are going to be the best investment you can make. Our facials are carried out by trained aestheticians that can help you improve skin functions with services such as Signature Facial, Purifying Facial, Rosacea Facial, Hyperpigmentation / Melasma Facial, Customized Facial, Chemical Peels, and Jessner Peels.

Whether you are looking for a facelift that’s natural, wanting brighter and more youthful-looking skin, or have severe blackheads, ActivMD Derm Spa uses a combination of powerful laser technologies and detailed and nurturing care to give you the very best results. Our specialized facials go beyond the surface of your skin. The procedure treats from the inside out to improve acne, exfoliate, correct discoloration in your skin, and enhance the circulation of collagen. We use the very best dermatologist-approved products, which is the best and safest skin care available.

ActivMD Derm Spa offers a relaxing and pampering experience with real results that aim at treating severe skin concerns. You can expect glowing, radiant, and healthy skin with one of our facial treatments. Our expertly trained staff at ActivMD Derm Spa use some of today’s most sophisticated equipment with progressive techniques that will achieve dramatic and therapeutic results. We only use the best and most innovative ingredients and methods to bring about your wellness.

We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to create an experience like no other – you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of before, during, and after your treatment. Well known in the Edmonton area for its excellent services, ActivMD Derm aims to offer the most exceptional plans and services to all of our esteemed clients at affordable prices. We invite you to visit our clinic and experience the difference and the joy of achieving the results you have always wanted. Book a complimentary consultation today to discuss which services will work best for you today!