Injectable Edmonton

Restore Your Youthful Appearance

Injectable procedures are non-surgical procedures that are used to reverse the signs of aging. Age-related changes are inevitable, but injectable treatments can help prevent and slow down the process. During the natural aging process, our skin undergoes a number of changes that result in increased lines and wrinkles. Movement of the facial muscles cause fine lines and wrinkles to develop with age. Our clients are focused mainly on changes to the face and the neck, and issues such as dynamic wrinkles formed by frowning, repeated muscle contractions, and squinting.

Injectables like Botox work by relaxing active muscles, which cause facial wrinkles. Ingredients in the injectables are purified proteins that give the face a more refreshed and relaxed appearance. A tiny amount is injected into the muscle, and it blocks the nerve impulse from reaching that area, therefore relaxing the muscle. Once the muscle is relaxed, the wrinkle overlying the tissue will smooth away. The procedure is simple and takes effect between 5-7 days post-treatment. Many of our clients can come in and get their procedure done during their lunch hour.

Our extensively trained team of professionals will carry out the best care for you during your procedure. Injectable treatments are entirely safe with a history of extensive research and testing. The needle used is very fine, and pain associated with the injections is minimal comparable to a bug bite. In the amounts used for wrinkle therapy, most of our patients may experience minor bruising temporarily and localized to the area where the treatment is injected. Local anesthetics are not used during your treatment, and most of our clients can resume normal activities afterward.

Our specialized injectable treatments, here at ActivMD Derm spa, can help by smoothing deep and persistent wrinkles. Highly trained and experienced nurses ensure that our clients are comfortable and confident with their choices to enhance facial features and engage in preventative skincare. We provide Dermal Fillers, Neuromodulators such as Botox, Nuceiva, and Dysport. We also offer services for Skin Boosters such as Redensity 1 and Revanesse Pure.

Our trained staff at ActivMD Derm Spa use some of today’s most sophisticated equipment with progressive techniques that will achieve dramatic and therapeutic results. We only use the best and most innovative ingredients and methods to bring about your wellness. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to create an experience like no other – you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of before, during, and after your treatment.