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We specialize in skin treatments that deliver results and enhance your overall sense of confidence and well-being. ActivMD Derm Spa™ team takes the time to listen, assess, and create a personalized program to address your individual needs. As part of your treatment, you will receive education and empowerment on caring for your skin at home with professional cosmeceutical skincare products.

  • Lead Derm Spa Therapist

    Andrea Olynyk

    Photo of Andrea Olynyk

    Andrea has always had a passion for skin and skincare and decided to set her goals to work in a medical setting for a dermatologist. She started in the spa industry in 2008 and continued for two years.

    She then attended EIE Laser Training & Medispa and graduated with honours in the CCALT. She is now a certified clinical assistant, laser technician, and derm spa therapist who has been working with Dr. Rao since 2011.

    Andrea feels very lucky and privileged to be working with Dr. Rao who has continuously provided extensive knowledge and mentorship. She continues to attend technical training workshops and has received many more certifications for all the advanced lasers and treatments offered at ActivMD Derm Spa™.

    The best part of her job is making people feel happy and strives to renew their self confidence.

  • Spa Director

    Sandie Carr

    Photo of Sandie Carr

    Sandie was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. She has vast experience working in hospital and clinical settings. Including work in ER and surgery units. Sandie’s hospital experience, combined with her administrative background, make her the perfect Spa Director for ActivMD Derm Spa™.

    Sandie loves working closely with clients and being an educational resource. Sandie is a huge believer in laser treatments,

    “I am passionate about laser treatments such as a once-a-year full-face deep profractional laser and throughout the year Redensity, BBL and chemical peels – our derm spa therapists are skin care specialists! They always know what to recommend for the best results”.

    Sandie looks forward to helping our clients find their best self with a personalized skin care treatment plan.

  • Lead Nurse Injector

    Sandra Sorestad

    Photo of Sandra Sorestad

    Sandra was raised in Saskatchewan on a dairy farm along with four sisters. She grew up sharing clothing, make-up, and the bathroom, cutting each other’s bangs, a trend that continues today as Sandra and her sisters trade skin-care secrets. At fifteen Sandra left home to attend private school, a tradition in the family.

    She started her nursing career, beginning in a small northern community where she worked in a hospital for two years before moving to Edmonton to begin her career in dermatology. She trained to inject fillers and neuro-modulators, such as Botox, her favourite treatments. Just a few drops in a matter of minutes can make such a huge difference to a person’s look and attitude, often turning the hands of time back many years. Sandra feels starting each day with vitamin C & E skin serum and sunscreen to protect the skin is a must!

    She loves working at ActivMD Derm Spa™ as the team is dynamic, always supporting the clients as well as each other. The team is constantly learning, training on new procedures, and infused with positivity.

  • Derm Spa Therapist

    Catherine Morris

    Photo of Catherine Morris

    Growing up with three sisters, Catherine learnt a lot about how beauty and self care shapes an individual. Over the years, skincare is something she has become passionate about. Taking care of and following a healthy skin care routine has helped her become more confident and has also shaped her career choices. To her, skincare is more than makeup and face cream.

    She became a Certified Laser Technician so she could be part of the team that has the opportunity to truly make a difference in someone’s self confidence. Seeing people who have suffered through acne and then acne scarring has made her want to be on the front line of helping them restore their confidence. Her favorite personal treatment is a combination of Nanolaser and Redensity.

    After having experienced the treatment herself, she was astonished by how soft and hydrated her skin was afterwards. Catherine also likes Profractional laser, as the results are usually so positive and dramatic for clients.

  • Derm Spa Therapist

    Carol Weir

    Photo of Carol Weir

    Carol is originally from Nova Scotia, grew up and was educated in Southern Ontario and has called Alberta home for the last thirty years. Her twenty years experience in the medical and skincare industry has brought her to the profession that she loves today.

    Carol has been working and learning for Dr. Rao for ten years.  She became a Certified Medical Laser Technician in addition to taking courses and training on the latest technology. Carol continues to keep herself well-versed on the latest developments in skincare and medical aesthetics which allow her to recommend the best solutions to the needs of her clients. Carol’s favorite treatments are the HALO Laser as well as Laser Genesis.  Both of these treatments give amazing results and can be adjusted for all skin types.   She maintains that it is all about making connections and the best rewards are seeing renewed confidence and self-esteem in her clients.

    In her spare time, Carol enjoys skiing, tap dancing, Pilates and hanging out in Paris, her home away from home.

  • Lead Spa Concierge

    Kyle Chalifoux

    Photo of Kyle Chalifoux

    To Kyle, overall well being and self confidence is one of the most important things. He believes that the first step to that is feeling comfortable in your own skin inside and out. Kyle was born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised in Sherwood Park where he still currently lives. Throughout grade school he danced competitively for over 10 years and graduated in 2015. After completing high school in Sherwood Park, he was lucky enough to begin working in dermatology which sparked his passion for it.

    Following that Kyle took multiple certifications and diplomas in both Toronto and Edmonton ranging from event management to interior design, enhancing his knowledge in different fields. Being able to assist and guide people through skincare, treatments and other aesthetics is a privilege that he is lucky to enjoy every day.  The Nano Peel Laser treatment is his favorite form of treatment; the light laser resurfacing treatment leaves him feeling fresh and exfoliated helping with any discoloration and breakouts.

Guiding you on your skin wellness journey.

Our concierge and derm spa therapists are exceptional professionals, dedicated to providing you with individualized treatments and education to guide you on your skin wellness journey. Each ActivMD Derm Spa™ team member receives specialized training and is committed to curating an experience for you that embraces natural elements in concert with the latest, most efficacious technologies and treatments.