Andrea O.

Lead Derm Spa Therapist

Andrea has always had a passion for skin and skincare and decided to set her goals to work in a medical setting for a dermatologist. She started in the spa industry in 2008 and continued for two years.

She then attended EIE Laser Training & Medispa and graduated with honours in the CCALT. She is now a certified Clinical Assistant, Laser Technician, and Derm Spa Therapist who has been working with Dr. Rao since 2011.

Andrea feels very lucky and privileged to be working with Dr. Rao who has continuously provided extensive knowledge and mentorship. She continues to attend technical training workshops and has received many more certifications for all the advanced lasers and treatments offered at ActivMD Derm SpaTM

The best part of her job is making people feel happy and strives to renew their self confidence.

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