Catherine M

Derm Spa Therapist

Growing up with three sisters, Catherine learnt a lot about how beauty and self care shapes an individual. Over the years, skincare is something she has become passionate about. Taking care of and following a healthy skin care routine has helped her become more confident and has also shaped her career choices. To her, skincare is more than makeup and face cream.

She became a Certified Laser Technician so she could be part of the team that has the opportunity to truly make a difference in someone's self confidence. Seeing people who have suffered through acne and then acne scarring has made her want to be on the front line of helping them restore their confidence. Her favourite personal treatment is a combination of Nanolaser and Redensity.

After having experienced the treatment herself, she was astonished by how soft and hydrated her skin was afterwards. Catherine also likes Profractional laser, as the results are usually so positive and dramatic for clients.

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