Trusculpt Edmonton

Trusculpt Is the Newest Fat Reducing Treatment In Town

There is a new non-invasive treatment for fat reduction, and it has reached popularity due to its ability to erase those pesky extra pounds. The procedure kills off unwanted fat cells that still linger around no matter how much you have dieted or exercised. Treatments all work slightly differently, but the main idea is that fat cells are heated, then erased from the body.

Trusculpt is considered a body contouring treatment that is said to work best for relatively fit and active people. It is not an obesity treatment or a significant weight loss tool, but it is the only tool of its kind to be able to treat clients with a BMI of 30 and above. It is the best personalized muscle-sculpting treatment with the ability to treat up to eight areas simultaneously for enhanced body coverage.

Research for TruSculpt can help our clients get rid of stubborn fat pockets. It has shown that just after one treatment session can reduce fat thickness by up to 24%. Visible results can be seen within six to eight weeks, revealing muscle definition that had been previously hidden by fat. Depending on your fitness level, shape, and goals to firm and tone your muscles, our team can help you create a plan that’s just right for you. Clinically proven, TruSculpt can tone and build muscles in 45-minute sessions with as little as four treatments.

You can rest assured that our dedicated and highly-trained team of professionals can help you achieve the body of your dreams with TruSculpt. Trusculpt is a great option for those who are already relatively fit and just have a few stubborn spots they’d like to target. Radio-frequencies heat fat cells until they die off or are eliminated from the body. Clients describe the procedure as feeling like a hot stone massage. You may experience redness and sensitivities after the procedure, but you can return to your routine immediately after your appointment.

Our expertly trained staff at ActivMD Derm Spa use some of today’s most sophisticated equipment with progressive techniques that will achieve dramatic and therapeutic results. We only use the best and most innovative ingredients and techniques to bring about your wellness. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to create an experience like no other – you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of before, during, and after your treatment.