Acne is a common skin condition present in all age groups. It presents as blackheads, whiteheads and inflammatory pimples and cysts. Common causes include hormones, increased sebum production and bacteria.  

Today we can treat acne in a variety of ways. One method is to use prescription medication and creams, which are offered at our sister clinic, Alberta Dermasurgery Centre located next door. Due to increased awareness of potential side effects from medications, there is a growing interest in non-medical  options.

At ActivMD Derm Spa, we provide alternate methods to treat mild to moderate acne. Options include the use of chemical peels, purifying acne facials, and light and laser therapy. These modalities in combination with an effective home skin care regimen lead to optimal results.

At ActivMD we acknowledge that everybody is different and our therapists will help provide a specialized treatment plan just for you.


Treatment options would include our signature acne facial, BBL Clear treatment, as well as Chemical Peels tailored to acne treatment.

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