Non surgical rhinoplasty

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Profractional Laser treatment

This client was treated with acne medication by Dr. Rao. Six months after finishing medication this client had a profractional laser treatment for acne scarring. Between 1-3 treatments are typical for this type of scarring, but can vary depending on the individual.

Under eye filler

This client had bags under his eyes. You can see the very visible difference in this client after treatment. He looks refreshed. With this treatment you can see immediate results, and final results are seen in a week post treatment.

Laser Resurfacing for Anti-aging

Here is before/after full face profractional treatment. This client has had 3 Sciton profractional treatments done over 3 years. There is a visible improvement in radiance, tone, pigmentation , and overall tightening of the skin.

Melasma treatments

This client has had melasma for years. With regular treatments (ablative laser and regular melasma facials) in addition to a home treatment program, she has had significant reduction to her hyperpigmentation.

Rosacea Laser Treatment

This client had three BBL Clear treatments to treat her Keratosis Pilaris. See the difference laser can make in redness, and vascularity.

Lip filler

This client wanted her lips to have a more symmetrical and full appearance while still looking natural. We used a newer technique to provide the look the client wanted. This technique works for all age ranges because of the natural looking appearance after treatment.

DPN Treatment

This client was treated for Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN's), a skin condition that creates dark raised areas, often in people with darker skin tones. This client had two laser treatments with the Cutera XEO ND:Yag 1064. Treatment for this condition begins with our compounded Lightening Cream starting 2 weeks before laser treatment. Laser is completed and then the Lightening cream is started again 2 weeks post treatment.